What are the best sources of free traffic?

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Get free traffic is one of the biggest challenges facing an entrepreneur when you want to start any business on the Internet, especially when you do not have a budget for advertising, we could have the best product or service in the world, but if we do not have who tell him we can not sell it, so it is important to promote visits to our website, and obviously if they are much better free, in this short post I will tell you which are my favorite so you can apply them too.


Blogs are useful to develop your authority and inspire people to trust you, the only drawback is that blogs take time to generate traffic, but if you publish constantly most days, you will eventually start to get good traffic oriented and constant.

To speed things up you can also communicate with other bloggers in your niche and ask them to promote your blog or product in exchange for a percentage in sales or any other win-win situation.


Facebook is also another huge source of traffic that can be obtained for free, the essential thing here is to get a broad audience and interact daily with it. To get good traffic directed on Facebook, you need to be interacting with people.

This is because Facebook has programmed its algorithm to use signals that greatly favor active interactions, such as comments and likes, so when you post on your Facebook, it does not matter if you have a lot or a few friends, if nobody liked it Or commented to that post very few people will see it.

Personally I like the free traffic of Facebook, it is fast and super directed, since I control who sees it. It is also possible to make use of Facebook groups and create one.


Is an interesting content platform that is characterized by quality, she can answer questions about your product or niche and direct readers to your website.

Quora is a good source because it is of higher quality and you can get more sales with less traffic, most people think that it is about the amount of traffic, but it really is about quality and I noticed its high quality traffic.


In Reddit, there are innumerable possibilities. From imaginative publications to informative publications, to comments, emails, chat, and making your own subreddits.

The advantage is that this is a forum that covers a huge number of niches, so it will be easy to find the right target for your website.


Although this option would not be free, if you could bring speed in the growth of traffic to your website, it does not hurt to invest even a little.

The influencers are just that … people with influence. be it people with popular websites, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Have them post about whatever you do. The easiest way to get in is to pay the exposure flat. Influence marketing not only provides quick results, but can also target specific audiences.


Creating a youtube channel that supports your channel information is an excellent option, you will be surprised at how fast traffic will start to arrive.

Create at least 3 videos a week and do it constantly, when you first start there is no other platform to help you get an initial boost as you will with YouTube, it will surely help you to drive, literally, thousands of free visits to 100%.

As you can see there are many ways to get free traffic if in your case you do not have money to do advertising campaigns.

The only thing you should keep in mind is that in this case instead of investing money, you will have to invest time, that is why the popular saying that “Time is worth gold”.

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I would like to know your opinion and if possible share your results through the comments, do not forget to share with your friends this post on their social networks. Greetings and until next time.

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