How does Dougherty Dozen make money 2023

You must have seen the videos of Dougherty Dozen on your YouTube or Tiktok, do you know that How does Dougherty Dozen make money if you do not know then read the post till the end.

Because in this post we have explained step by step How does Dougherty Dozen make money and along with this we have also explained in detail about the life of Dougherty Dozen.

Who are the Dougherty Dozen?

The Dougherty Dozen are a Social media family, famous for their videos on YouTube and TikTok. The founders of this family are Joshua and Alicia, who together have 12 children. He has become popular by sharing unique moments of his daily life on social media.

Why is the Dougherty Dozen so popular?

How does Dougherty Dozen make money

The Dougherty Dozen are popular on the Internet because they are a unique and interesting social media family who share different aspects of their lives. His YouTube channel and TikTok page are famous for his entertaining and light-hearted videos that feature time spent with his family members, sports, family activities, and special moments from his life.

Furthermore, his personality and sense of humor make him very popular among his audience, and as a result, he is well-liked on social media. His videos make his viewers laugh and share precious moments of their life, hence they are popular on the internet.

How does Dougherty Dozen make money

Friends, now we are going to talk about the main topic of this post that How does Dougherty Dozen make money, so read the post carefully.


Dougherty Dozen’s main source of income is YouTube, we tell you in detail how they earn money from YouTube.

video ad monetization

When you watch their videos, you are shown ads in between or at the beginning of the videos. When you watch an ad, the video creator gets paid for the ad, the amount of which depends on the views of their video and the value of the ad.

Sponsored videos

The Dougherty Dozen are paid by some of the bigger brands to help them promote their products or services, as they promote and praise the brand’s products. In return, they create sponsored videos in which they talk about those brands’ products and services and promote their benefits and features.

Affiliate marketing

Dougherty promotes dozens of products and provides web links in the description of his videos, and when his viewers buy something through those links, he makes some money. That is, they create videos by providing useful and interesting information to their viewers, and at the same time make money from them.

Earn from Tiktok

Dougherty Dozen is also very popular on Tiktok. On his TikTok profile, he shares moments from his life, making videos to entertain and entertain the audience. His videos cover a variety of entertainment and educational topics, and he often features moments with his family.

ways of earning

  • Sponsorship- Big brands often sponsor popular content creators on TikTok. These creators help promote products or services of particular brands and get paid in return.
  • Tips and Gifts-  Followers on Tiktok often give tips and gifts to the creators, from which they can earn. These tips are given to the creators in the form of coins, which they can convert into cash.
  • Tiktok Creators Fund- Tiktok Creators Fund is a type of insurance program that Tiktok has started for its creators. Under this program, popular creators on TikTok can get paid for their content if they encounter injuries, emergencies, or any other challenges while making their videos that may make it difficult for them to create.

How much does Dougherty Dozen make in a month?

Dougherty Dozen has a huge fan base on YouTube with around 1.43M subscribers. His YouTube channel earns around $24,000 to $28,000 per month, and his videos get over 70 million views per month. Apart from this, he also earns through Tiktok.

The Secret to the Success of the Dougherty Dozen

One of the key factors in the success of the Dougherty Dozen is their creativity and purposefulness. They make their content so unique and entertaining that the attraction of their audience increases. Also, they update their content regularly, so that their followers never get bored.

Their most important quality is that they try to maintain a dialogue with their audience. This helps them to know and understand their audience.

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People also ask

What does the Dougherty husband do for a living?

Dougherty’s husband, Joshua, is a teacher. He works in the field of special education and teaches high school special education students via Zoom from his home office. Their main function is to provide education to students who may have special learning and behavioral problems. Their work involves helping students in various specialization areas.

Where does the Dougherty dozen live?

Dougherty Dozen lives in a small town in the US state of New York. His home is where he lives happily with his family and children.

Who is Alicia Dougherty’s husband?

Alicia Dougherty’s husband’s name is Joshua Dougherty. Those known as the Dougherty Dozen live together in the city of Pittsford, New York State.

What religion is Dougherty Dozen?

A majority of the Dougherty Dozen stick to their religious values ​​and beliefs and are devout Christians.

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