How to make money in Hay Day (10 simple ways 2023)

Hay Day, a popular mobile game with farming and animal husbandry, is not only entertainment, but it also gives you a unique experience of real digital farming. But farming is not just a part of the game, it also provides you an opportunity to earn in-game currencies like coins and diamonds. Come, we will tell you in detail about How to make money in Hay Day in this post.

Apart from this, in this post we will tell you about some important tips and strategies by adopting which you will be able to earn more coins and successfully ban your farm, whether you have recently started playing the game or you are an old player.

Introduction to Hay Day

How to make money in Hay Day

Hay Day is a mobile Farming and Animal Husbandry game developed and published by Supercell. The game lets players manage their own farm and earn cash and diamonds through farming and animal husbandry.

Importance of coins and diamonds

  • Coins and diamonds play an important role as currencies in the game, which help the player to support various activities.
  • These currencies provide the player with the opportunity to improve their farming and animal husbandry operations and improve their game experience.
  • Coins and diamonds are available to all players with the same quality, so depending on the player’s ability and hard work, they can help increase their farming success.

Through these currencies, players can improve their farming and ranching operations, improve their game experience, and become more successful in their games.

how to make money in hay day

You’ve completely decorated your farm, taken care of the animals properly, and made a name for yourself in your farming community. But now you are thinking that How to make money in Hay Day, then now your wait is about to end because now we are going to tell you about the secret strategy which you have never heard about till now, so read the post carefully.

1- Crop and Animal management to earn money

When you choose the crops and animals for your farm, it is important that you approach the process carefully and carefully. Some crops and animals can be more profitable to farm, but it depends on the climate and physical quality of your farms.

Study the climate of your fields thoroughly and know which crops are suitable for that climate. For example, crops such as potatoes and cabbage can grow well in cool climates, while crops such as okra and guar thrive in warm climates.

This way, you can earn more profits and manage your farming better by selecting crops and animals accurately.

2- Regular Farming and Animal Husbandry

How to make money in Hay Day

Regular Farming

  • Do not leave fields empty regularly. Always fill the fields with some crop instead of leaving them empty.
  • Earn coins by selling crops and boost your ability to grow more crops.

Animal Husbandry

  • Take care of your animals properly so that they regularly give milk, meat, and eggs.
  • Use these animals to sell the produce in your own dairy and food shop.

This way, you can easily earn more coins and diamonds and manage your Hay Day farming better. This can be helpful in increasing your income.

3- Upgrade Silo and Barn

Upgrading silos and barns can have many benefits for your farming. Upgrading the silo allows you to save more crops, so you can sell them at a better price and earn more money. Upgrading the barn allows you to house more animals, which boosts your milk, meat, and egg production.

For this, consider choosing silos and barns and upgrading them. You have to select them by tapping and then choose the amount you want to upgrade. Once the upgrades are completed, the capacity of your silo and barn will increase and help you further advance your farming.

4- Fulfill orders and make deliveries

Build and mine essential items from your garden, dairy, and bakery. Then, use these items to fulfill and deliver players’ orders. This can help you earn more coins and diamonds, as players will pay for your crafted items.

For this, you have to grow crops in your garden and make more useful items from dairy and bakery. Have them ready to dig and then when players order, you deliver to them. Players will give coins and diamonds for your crafted items, which can make more money in your farming.

5- Boat and truck orders

Boat and truck orders are very important in the farming game, and completing them can bring you huge benefits. Let’s explain this process in a more simple way

Receipt of Order

Boat and truck commands appear on the top left corner of your game screen. Here you can see them by tapping. If you are ready to fulfill them, you can deliver them to the customer.

Completion Process

To complete boat and truck orders, you need to assemble and prepare those items. These items come from your farms and industries, and you have to load them into a boat or truck and deliver them to the customer.

This way, you can make your farming even more successful by completing boat and truck orders and earning rewards. It will also help in building good relationships with farming players

6- Manage your own shop

Managing your own shop is quite easy and can help you earn more money.

  • Upgrade your shop regularly.
  • This allows you to put out new and improved items that will attract customers.
  • Think carefully when you select your items.
  • Choose items that can earn more money and match with your farming products.
  • Set fair prices for the items so that your customers can buy from your shop at a better price.

In this way, you can earn more money and promote your farming through your own shop. This is a simple way to increase your income and make your Hay Day farming even more successful.

7- Networking with friends

Hay Day is a unique chance to farm together with friends. Through this you can make farming game more interesting and earn money.

  • Playing with friends allows you to cooperate in taking care of your farms.
  • You can grow more crops and get more materials in farming games by helping each other’s farms.
  • By connecting with friends, you can mutually trade and exchange essential items.
  • You can earn more profits when you share with your friends and grow together.

In this way, networking with friends gives you the chance to get more content and improve your farming in Hay Day, which allows you to build better relationships with farming players.

8- Using the Wheel of Fortune

How to make money in Hay Day

In Hay Day, Wheel of Fortune is a daily event that players get to play every day. It is organized regardless and gives you a chance to win big prizes.

  • Spin daily- The simplest way to use the Wheel of Fortune is to play and spin the wheel daily. It gives you some coins and diamonds every day that you can use to grow the farm, build new farms, and buy more items.
  • Use of Rewards- Use Wheel of Fortune rewards with care. Through these rewards, you can get more coins, diamonds, and other perks that can help you grow your farm even more.
  • Upgrade business and status- Rewards from Wheel of Fortune can be used to further upgrade your business and improve farming status. With the help of these rewards you can buy new items

9- Digging and Using Food

In Hay Day, you can also earn money by digging up food to eat and selling it.

First of all, you have to go to the digging field and click to dig there.
When you dig, you will find different types of food such as bread, meat, butter, fruits, and other items.

Which you can sell your goat and delicious food in the shops, which will give you coins and diamonds, which will be useful for the development of your farm and shopping.

10- Wise use of diamonds

Diamonds play an important role in Hay Day. These are special characters that help make your farming even more successful.

  • Special Rewards- Use the Hero on special days, such as Double Profit Days, to earn more coins.
  • High yield- When you get special items from the farm, you can get more production by using heroes.
  • Symbolic Sufficiency- Use a hero when you need it, allowing you to use them symbolically when you need independence.

In this way, by making intelligent use of diamonds you can expand your Hay Day farming even more and earn more coins and diamonds.

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In this article, we learned in detail about some important methods and strategies on how to make money in hay day.

In conclusion, we recommend you to enjoy this fun farming game and use our tips to increase your chances. Now go on, build your Hay Day farm towards even greater success and happiness!

People also ask

What’s the most expensive thing to sell in Hay Day?

Diamonds are the most expensive item in Hay Day. These come to you in different ways to get money in farming, and you can sell them to other players.

What is the most important machine in Hay Day?

The most important machine in Hay Day is the Dairy. With Dairy, you can make milk and useful milk items, such as yogurt, butter, and cheese.

Can I earn money from Hay Day?

Yes, you can make money at Hay Day. Hay Day is a farming simulator game where you farm, raise animals, create and sell useful items

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