How To Make Money Selling Tumblers? 2023

Hello friends, first of all, you are warmly welcomed in this block post of ours, if you are searching How to make money selling tumblers, then you will not be disappointed with this post. Because we have explained the business model of Tumblr from the very beginner level in this post, even if there is a person who does not know anything about this business, he can understand its business model by reading this post and earn good income by selling Tumblr.

What are Tumblrs?

Tumbler is a type of drinking cup used for drinking water, tea, coffee, syrup and other beverages. These areHow To Make Money Selling Tumblers usually made of glass, plastic, stainless steel, among many other materials and come in a variety of sizes, designs, and colors. Tumblers provide a natural and rudimentary alternative to storing your water that you can take with you

Why are Tumblrs popular among people?

There are many reasons why Tumblr is so famous among people, know about all those reasons in detail.

  • Health Focus- Tumblers allow you to save water, juice, shake, green tea, coffee etc., which is a part of a healthy lifestyle. It helps people drink enough water every day and reduces the need for harmful plastic bottles.
  • environmental awareness- The use of tumblers helps in reducing the overabundance of plastic. Especially if people use tumblers instead of using the same plastic bottle every day, the overuse of plastic bottles can be reduced. Which helps in preventing plastic pollution.
  • Travel Convenience- Tumblers provide the convenience of safely carrying beverages while traveling so that people can enjoy their favorite beverages while out and about.
  • Personalization Opportunity- Tumblrs offer personalization features that people can make unique with their own designs, logos, or messages.

Perspective of Tumblr Business

Nowadays, people are trying to express their personal style with distinctive design and take steps towards environmental protection, which has made tumbler business an attractive and successful business option. Moreover, the concern of environmental protection is increasing in majority of the people and they are now trying to buy such things in accessories and utilities which can be combined with their environmental protection values. The tumbler business can play an important role in addressing this concern as they are more environmentally safe than plastics or other more polluting utilities.

How to make money selling tumblers

To earn money by selling Tumblr, you have to understand the business model of Tumblr, how it works, because until you understand its business model, you will not be able to earn money, So keep reading the post to understand the business model of Tumblr.

How To Enter Tumblr Business

If you do not know anything about Tumblr business, then before starting it, some points of how to enter it are given below, read them so that you can get good results from this business.

  • market research- When developing a Tumblr business, it is important to conduct market research so that you understand the demand for your products, the competition, and the preferences of your target customers.
  • Manufacturing and Design- Tumblr’s product must provide you with excellent design and quality. You’ll need to develop a secure, attractive, and useful Tumblr.
  • Financial Planning- To get success in Tumblr business, it is necessary to prepare a proper financial plan. Monitor financial control and expenditure.
  • Online Platforms- You can enter the business by selling your products on online platforms. Before launching the website or electronic trading platform should be revised and reviewed by the expert.

How to make money with tumblr business

To earn more money from Tumblr business, given below are some important points which if you do business keeping in mind then your income will be more.

Product Design & Customization

Nowadays, design is a very important part of any production, so you should pay more attention to its design in tumbler business, so if you follow the steps given below, you can design your tumbler better.

  • Product selection- First, you need to consider what kind of tumbler products you want to make, such as aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, glass, etc.
  • Design and Style- It is important to take the time to think through the design and style of your product. It should be pro and attractive, so as to attract your customers.
  • Logo & Branding- Design a great logo and branding for your business. This will help you build your identity and your products will get recognized.
  • Personalization- Understand customer personalization and personalize the design of the tumbler based on their preferences and needs. This will motivate them more towards your products.
  • Order Customization- Can also provide the facility of customization for your customers along with their orders. Let them opt for their individual designs and options that reveal their individuality.

Marketing strategy

Friends, to make any business successful, it is very important for you to have knowledge about marketing strategy because no one can stop anyone who understands marketing strategy from being successful in business, so if you want to be successful in Tumblr business, then Below are some marketing strategy pro tips that you must read.

  • Identification of target user- You need to determine who is the main target audience of your product. What demographics can your Tumblr appeal to – youth, business people, travelers, sports, health-conscious, etc.?
  • Unique branding and positioning- Give your products a special dimension to make your Tumblr business unique. Realize business positioning through branding, logos, and communications.
  • Online Broadcasting- It is important to present your business on online media platforms. Post regularly on social media platforms to build your image and update your products.
  • Online Selling- Selling your products on e-commerce platforms can be a convenient way. Options may include Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc.
  • Display at Markets and Gift Shops- Consider displaying your products at local markets and gift shops. People can see them and buy directly.
  • Discounts and Schemes- Offering discounts and schemes on specific occasions can increase customer attraction. You can create plans for specific dates, seasons, or special events.
  • Customer Feedback- Take care of product quality and communicate their suggestions to achieve satisfaction from customers. Providing your customers with the help and support they need can make your business stronger.

Website and Online Presentation

If you want to present your Tumblr business all over the world, then you will need a website and online presentation, for this you are given some tips below, by following which you can present your tumbler business online.

  • Domain and Hosting Selection- Choose a suitable domain name for your business and avail web hosting services. A professional and memorable domain name will boost your business identity.
  • Website Design- Design an attractive and user-friendly website that best represents your products. You can use web development platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Wix, etc.
  • E-commerce and payment processing- Make your website e-commerce capable so that customers can easily purchase your products. Use SSL authentication for secure payment processing.
  • CEO for website- Friends, you need to learn CEO to get your website ranked in Google, so you must learn this, for this there are many videos available on YouTube from where you can learn CEO.
  • Social Media Broadcasting- Social Media Broadcasting This can be a very good way for you, for this you can create your profile on every social platform and tell people about your product and website


Friends, in this post, we have told about every method of how to make money selling tumblers, if you follow the Tumblr business model mentioned in this post, then it will help you a lot in furthering your business and earning money.

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