How To Make Money With Figma (Secret Strategy 2023)

Friends, if you are thinking about How to make money with figma, then you have come to the right place because in this post we have explained in detail how you can earn money from Figma. That’s why friends, you have to read this post completely because if you practically adopt the methods I have told in this post, then no one can stop you from earning money with the help of figma.

What is figma?

Sigma is an online design tool used for user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. It is a leading design solution that facilitates collaboration between designers, developers and production teams.

Being web-based, Figma can be accessed online on any device and allows team members to work collaboratively on design work together. It has features for importing visual elements, revising details, developing designs and prototyping.

how to make money with figma

Friends, there are many ways to earn money from Figma, here we are going to tell you all the ways, if you work by adopting any one of them, then no one can stop you from earning money. But if you want to earn money from Figma, then you can work on any of the methods I am going to tell you now, just by adopting that method, you will have to work on it with regularity and consistency.

Let’s know about all those methods.


Freelancing is a type of work in which a person works independently according to his skills and regular working hours and completes different projects for different clients. By following the tips given below, you can earn good income by freelancing from Figma.

Before freelancing, you need to understand the various features, tools, and engineering of Figma. Use Figma’s official tutorials and resources to learn engineering to improve your designing skills.

  • Build a portfolio- Build a professional portfolio for freelancing that includes design samples from your past projects. Include your skills and contact information in your portfolio.
  • Register on Online Platforms- Create your profile on online platforms for freelancing like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr etc. Upload your portfolio to these platforms so that clients can review your work.
  • Showcase Your Services- Describe your services well in your profile and explain your ratings for different types of design services.
  • Make more connections- Networking and join online design communities to make more connections to freelancing. Use community forums, social media groups, and networking events.
  • Choose high-quality projects- Choose high-quality projects that suit your skills and time, which will help attract more recognition and clients to your portfolio.
  • Establish good relations- Establish good relations with customers during work, deliver on time, understand their needs, and listen to their feedbacks.

Friends, if you follow all these tips, then you can definitely earn good income by freelancing with the help of Figma.

Using Design Assets

You can make money using your creative designing skills by selling design assets. This can be a good option if you have great graphic design, icons, templates, web elements, or other design resources. Friends, by reading the tips given below, you can understand how you can earn money from figma by selling designing assets, let’s know about it.

  • Sell ​​on online marketplaces- You can sell your design assets on online marketplaces such as Creative Market, Envato Market, and Etsy. There are millions of designers and sellers on these platforms who use and can buy your products.
  • Create an independent sales site- Create your own website and sell your design assets there. You can display your products on your website and sell them at your rates.
  • Join image banks- You can join image banks such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and iStock to sell your design assets. It gives worldwide reach to your products and attracts a large number of buyers.
  • Use community marketing- Promote your products using social media, design communities, and design forums. Point your design assets to a niche community so you can attract high-regarding clients.

You can earn good income from figma by selling designing assets on all these online marketplaces.

Create Plugin

Friends, there is a lot of demand for plugins in today’s time, if you create a plugin with the help of figma, then it is a good opportunity for you to earn money from figma. The tips given below will help you a lot in earning money by making plugin from figma.

  • Choose the Idea- First, you have to find a good and useful plugin idea that you want to build in Figma. But friends, you have to remember one thing that the plugin that you are going to create can help someone or add useful features, only then you create that plugin.
  • Design and planning- Once you have an idea, design and plan for the plugin. You have to see what the name of the plugin will be, what versions of Figma it will be compatible with, and what other features you will have.
  • Start development- To develop a plugin, you will need to use the Figma Plugin API. You will need to write the plugin code in JavaScript. You can create a plugin using the Figma Developer Documentation.
  • Test the Plugin- After developing the plugin, you need to test it. Install the plugin in Figma and make sure it is working properly and not facing any errors.
  • Promote Your Plugin- When your plugin is completely ready, then the most important thing is to promote that plugin, for which you can share your plugin in Figma’s plugin market and apart from this, you can promote your plugin on social media.

Sell ​​Online Courses & Tutorials

Friends, if you have any special knowledge or skill, then you can use it to create a course or tutorial with the help of figma, by selling which you will be able to earn a good income.

How to Create Online Courses and Sell on Seller Sites?

How can you create a course and sell it on seller sites? For this, follow some of the tips given below, so that you can easily create a course and sell it on the seller site.

  • Choose a topic for the course- First, choose a topic that you have deep knowledge of and that interests people.
  • Design the Course- Create a complete course outline, including your course objectives, syllabus, topics, examples, and exercises. Design a well-structured course that is easy for your users to understand.
  • Create video tutorials- A great way to create online courses is by creating video tutorials. Through videos you can show different topics to make your course easy to understand. A professionally created video educates users more effectively.
  • Select Course Platform- Select an online course platform where you can sell your course. Some popular course platforms are Udemy, Coursera, Teachable, Thinkific, and Skillshare.
  • Promote the course- Use design communities, social media, blogs, email marketing, and advertising to promote your course.

Friends, you can earn hundred percent money by the methods mentioned in this post, but for that you will have to work hard and have patience because online earning takes time. Friends, if you like this post of ours, then you can share it with your friends Share so that he too can earn money with the help of Figma and make his life simple and easy




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